IRG is an invaluable resource in discovering the “right fit” between an employer and potential candidate for an employment opportunity. In my search for that “perfect” employer, IRG created an open, honest, professional line of communication between myself and my new employer from day one – and negotiated clear expectations and goals for this job opportunity for both parties involved. IRG’s support and guidance through the interview and hiring process was “top notch”, and they even followed up with me after my first day at my new job! IRG has an astounding talent for connecting the pieces of a candidate’s personal goals and professional skills/ talents into the puzzle of their clients’ needs and desires to create that perfect match for both!

Gary, Candidate

IRG has done incredible work finding us the right candidate with the right qualifications at the right time. I could not hope for better customer service and have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with IRG.

Dave, Regional HR Manager

One day we received an unexpectedly high forecast on orders. I felt I didn’t have enough leaders to handle our sudden growth. That’s when I turned to IRG. They got right on it, and the turnaround time was amazing. I highly recommend using IRG for your talent searches.

Brian, President

IRG has been an asset to my facility. Their ability to quickly find the perfect fit for our hard to fill positions has helped with keeping my plant running at its optimum level.

Peter, Plant Manager

I have incredible respect for the team at IRG. They listened to our needs, came to understand our corporate culture and delivered on their promises. I go back to them time and time again for my staffing needs because we’ve truly built not only a long-term business relationship but long-term personal relationships as well. I give IRG my highest recommendation.

Kathleen, Director of Human Resources